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Engaging the Unengaged: Better Member Engagement Means Healthier Lives

Dec 5, 2023
2:00 pm EST
Presented by Walgreens webinar 2022
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About This Webinar

A growing number of Americans are delaying important medical care because of the high cost of treatment. This, combined with less than personalized care when dealing with health insurers and care providers has led to widespread health disengagement. What many people tend to forget, though, is that forgoing essential medical care can carry significant consequences and may compound the costs of treatment later down the line.  

This more recent trend is just one example of the obstacles that health payers must navigate to improve member engagement. So, how do we break the cycle of costly, delayed care and reach our most vulnerable members in a way that improves outcomes and lowers costs?  

Join panelists from Walgreens as they discuss how the health care industry can take a team-based approach to break the cycle of costly, delayed care and reach our most vulnerable members in a way that focuses on member engagement, driving improved outcomes and lowering costs.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • The high cost of delayed care for your member and your organization
  • The importance of active member engagement, specifically within vulnerable populations
  • How a team-based approach can work to address barriers to care


Harry Saag, MD

National Medical Director of Virtual Care


Dr. Harry Saag is a physician executive and serves as the National Medical Director of Virtual Care at Walgreens Health. His experience serving in senior physician roles within large academic medical centers, high-growth startups, and Fortune 20 companies positions him to continue leading large-scale change across the healthcare ecosystem.

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Jane Lyons

Divisional Vice President, Managed Markets


With 25 years of experience in Pharmacy, Pharmacy Benefits Management, and health care consulting, Jane Lyons now serves as the Divisional Vice President of Managed Markets at Walgreens. In her current position, she oversees the generation of demand for Walgreens' pharmacy and healthcare offerings, focusing on growth, retention, sell-through, pull-through, and cultivating vital…

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