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How AI Is Transforming Teams: Provider Data Management Case Study

Jun 25, 2024
1:00 pm EDT
Presented by HiLabs
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About This Webinar

As AI emerges as a driving force in health care innovation, its impact on how teams operate will be transformative. In provider data management, this transformation is already underway. Teams at Elevance Health are using technologies from partners, such as HiLabs’ AI solutions for roster automation and directory accuracy, and are achieving levels of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability higher than before. This AI has enabled humans to enhance their decision-making and engage in higher-order strategic work.

Join this webinar to explore firsthand how AI is reshaping team operations within the realm of provider data management and unlocking vast amounts of human potential by streamlining manual tasks. These successes signal a broader industry trend: AI empowers human decision-making and strategic engagement, marking a transformative leap in healthcare innovation.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • AI solutions in provider data and success stories
  • Blueprints of success for how teams can build trust in AI solutions
  • Strategic opportunities teams can pursue once manual operations have been eliminated
  • Generative AI potential in provider data


Neel Butala, MD, MBA



Dr. Neel Butala co-founded HiLabs with the vision to leverage advanced machine learning methods to address fundamental healthcare data quality issues to empower organizations to rapidly generate insights from their data. Neel is a physician-scientist at University of Colorado where his research focuses on using advanced analytic methods on large healthcare datasets and is a practicing…

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Shankar Iyer

Senior Director

Elevance Health

Shankar Iyer, a seasoned senior director at Elevance Health, has more than two decades of experience in the health care industry. With a proven track record of successfully leading large-scale migrations and spearheading innovative solutions, Shankar Iyer brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront of health care transformation. The solutions Shankar and his teams have implemented serve as…

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Tammy Bishop

Director of Business Improvement

Elevance Health

Tammy Bishop is Director of Business Improvement at Elevance Health and an early adopter of AI technology. She led successful implementation and scaling of an AI solution in roster automation to all 26 of Elevance Health’s markets in less than a year. The operational savings and strategic allocation of critical resources because of the project's success have made her a leading voice in the…

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