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Intelligently Transforming Health Care Business with a Consolidated Payment Platform

May 11, 2023
2:00 pm EDT
Presented by Zelis
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About This Webinar

Over the past two decades, in an effort to digitize healthcare payments, payers have amassed a variety of systems and point solutions that resulted in overly complex and costly payment infrastructures. Although the infrastructure was built with the best intentions, the unintended consequences led to complexity and fragmentation: Technology bloat, regulatory and compliance challenges, interoperability issues and myriad security concerns.

By migrating to a holistic platform, organizations can reduce their risk and eliminate unintended consequences associated with a complex and fragmented infrastructure. In doing so, health insurance providers can now migrate to a consolidated infrastructure that reduces risk, lowers costs, and improved member and provider satisfaction all while increasing your digital footprint and reducing the total number of printed and distributed documentation.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • How modern payment processes and payment hubs will improve day-to-day business processes, manage cash flow and improve NPS scores between members and providers
  • New tools and techniques to implement a digital-centric strategy for modern payment methods, increase 835 utilization, and improve member digital document access
  • Building a provider network that is resilient and has a significant reach lends to greater profitability
  • Improving security and protecting provider data while enrolling in EFT programs
  • Real-life results and the benefits of using a platform strategy


Eugene Hahn

Senior Vice President of Sales


Eugene Hahn is responsible for developing key growth strategies, tactics, and action plans to achieve client goals. In addition, Eugene has responsibility of expanding Zelis’ brand, solutions, message, and market success within the Blue Cross Blue Shield Community. Eugene has 11 years’ experience in the healthcare technology business. Eugene’s expertise is in the areas of cost containment,…

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