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Is Your Provider Directory Offering Inclusive Access for LGBTQ+ Members?

Oct 25, 2023
12:00 pm EDT
Presented by Veda Data
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About This Webinar

The need for accurate and inclusive provider data has never been more critical. For many patients in LGBTQ+ communities, finding an affirming provider can prove challenging, and, as a result, some don’t seek health care as they should. In fact, more than half of LGBTQ+ people experience stigma in health care settings, and more than 92% believe it's crucial to find LGBTQ+ affirming health care providers.

During this webinar, we’ll dive into OutCares’ recent work and research into the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people in accessing health care and provide best practices for health plans to make it easier for members of LGBTQ+ communities to identify providers who care for a range of social, psychological, behavioral, and medical needs.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • The current state of health care access for LGBTQ+ members
  • Improving health equity and member experience: The connection between affirming providers and positive patient outcomes
  • How to solve crucial directory updates to improve access for your LGBTQ+ members


Dustin Nowaskie, MD

Founder and President

OutCare Health

Dr. Nowaskie is a queer, nonbinary psychiatrist. Their personal identification and civic commitment have cultivated into a passion to help LGBTQ+ communities. They are the Founder and President of the national nonprofit LGBTQ+ health equity organization OutCare Health, which provides access to LGBTQ+ information, resources, programming, support groups, mentorship, education, training,…

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Meghan Gaffney

CEO & Co-Founder


Meghan Gaffney, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, co-founded Veda in 2015 with a clear vision that AI and machine learning held the keys to solving critical challenges in healthcare. Meghan built Veda as an example of technology driving progress forward. Providing resources and strategic leadership to Veda employees, Meghan also serves as a liaison to customers and partners. With over 15 years of…

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Jemm Merritt-Feder

Public Health Practitioner

Duke Health Gender Medicine

Jemm Merritt-Feder is an Islander Queer Nonbinary Public Health Practitioner currently employed by Duke Health Gender Medicine and in partnership with Outcare Health. Additionally, they are involved with their non-profit organization called One Day at a Time NC, which provides peer support to individuals in recovery from substance dependency, with a specific focus on those who identify as…

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