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Solving Holistically for Food Insecurity

Jan 31, 2024
1:00 pm EST
Presented by The Vitality Group
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About This Webinar

Each year, 70% of all deaths in the United States are attributed to chronic diseases. And despite spending more on health care than any other country, the USA has lower life expectancy rates than other wealthy nations. A key driver of these outcomes is poor nutrition. An unacceptably high 1 in 10 US households experiences food insecurity, while an even higher percentage faces nutrition security issues. Solving this disparity is critical to improve public health. But success will require a thoughtful and multi-disciplinary approach: one that considers access, education and motivation.

Collaboration between payers, nutrition technology companies and wellbeing engagement platforms can remove obstacles to access and create lasting behavior change:

  1. Payers are uniquely positioned to leverage their information systems, data and patient relationships to identify families and communities facing access challenges
  2. Nutrition technology companies can tackle social determinants of health by addressing barriers such as transportation and availability of healthy food (incl. food-as-medicine for chronic populations)
  3. And robust health and well-being engagement platforms have the power to nudge users towards healthier lifestyle habits and sustain those good behaviors through prompts, challenges, rewards and educational resources

Join Vitality's Health Economist Tanya Little and guest panelists as we delve into what it takes to move the needle on food security, nutrition security and ultimately the burden of chronic disease. We’ll examine the importance of engagement, nutrition technology and collaboration, and will discuss practical approaches to getting started.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • The difference between food security and nutrition security and why it matters
  • How technology can help address motivation, barriers and social determinants of health
  • How payers, nutrition technology companies and health engagement platforms can leverage their strengths to offer a complete service cycle to reduce chronic disease burden


Tanya Little

Chief Commercial Officer


Health economist Tanya Little is skilled at unlocking organizational potential and harnessing talent and technology for growth. In her role as Vitality’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ms. Little is responsible for sales, product, and marketing and developing new lines, and driving execution of Vitality’s go-to-market strategy. Additionally, she serves as an external face of the organization,…

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David L. Katz, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Katz is the Chief Medical Officer at Tangelo and Former Director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center (1998-2019); Past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine; Founder of the non-profit True Health Initiative; and Founder and CEO of Diet ID, Inc. He is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health, and Lifestyle Medicine, with…

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Christopher Joseph, MSW, MPH

Executive Director

EngageWell IPA

Chris is the Executive Director of EngageWell IPA, a growing network of 20 health and human service organizations in New York City serving historically disenfranchised New Yorkers with chronic health and behavioral health conditions. EngageWell envisions an equitable and trauma-informed health care delivery system, rooted in Harm Reduction principles, that supports clients and communities in…

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