Why Should I Book A Room At The Conference Hotel?

When booking your hotel for Institute & Expo 2019, you may find a variety of choices besides the conference hotels where you might stay. And yes, some of them may have a lower room rate. However, before you book, we’d like you to consider the benefits of booking at AHIP’s official conference hotels.

Here are the top reasons why we encourage you to book your accommodation in the contracted hotels.

  1. Added networking and social time with other attendees, sponsors and exhibitors is one of the key reasons why people attend conferences to meet other likeminded delegates. By staying at the conference hotels, you enhance your opportunities to meet with colleagues and share experiences and ideas. It also ensures you don’t miss out on any additional activities.
  2. Best available rates are secured for quality rooms and AHIP has invested time and effort to negotiate the best rate available over the time period of the conference. In addition, AHIP has provided a simple, quick and efficient way to book your hotel room at the conference rate and the conference hotels worked with AHIP to ensure our attendees receive the type of service associated with that room.
  3. Special guest status as an AHIP attendee booked into the conference hotel within the room block. Guests at the hotel receive preferred service and benefit from the additional concessions negotiated by AHIP and the hotel.
  4. Booking in AHIP’s hotel room blocks not only benefits you, it also has a significant impact on the Association. AHIP has negotiated numerous concessions and benefits with the hotels and many are based on ensuring attendees stay at the conference hotel. If we don’t meet our commitment to the hotels, AHIP could be financially responsible for lost revenue owed to the hotel.
  5. Quality vs Bargain Hotels that sell rooms on a discount website are looking to sell rooms that they may not otherwise have sold – rooms by the elevator, parking garage or near the ice machine. Not the top of the line in their inventory. Staying at the conference hotels does have its benefits and we hope you consider them before you make your hotel booking.
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