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Medicare Advantage

Our Position

More than 33 million seniors and people with disabilities choose Medicare Advantage (MA) because it delivers better services, better access to care, and better value. MA has strong bipartisan support because it is a prime example of the government and free market working together to deliver lower costs, more choices, and better outcomes for the American people. MA delivers affordable coverage by reducing Medicare’s cost sharing, and offering additional benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as integrated vision, hearing, and dental benefits, a cap on out-of-pocket costs, wellness programs, in-home caregiver support, and innovative telehealth options.




Transforming Provider Networks into Loyalty-Building Member Experiences

May 16, 2024 • 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT
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Improving Product Trust and Engagement to Drive Value-Based Care Success

May 21, 2024 • 12:00 – 1:00 pm EDT
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Medicare Advantage: What You Need to Know

More than 33 million Americans— more than 50% of people eligible to enroll—choose MA because it delivers better services, better access to care, and better value. Medicare Advantage is a public-private partnership where health insurance providers deliver comprehensive medical coverage to Americans over 65 and individuals with disabilities, covering everything original Medicare covers and more.

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