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Surprise Medical Bills

Our Position

Health insurance providers protect patients when they cover the surprise medical bill and then negotiate a settlement with the doctor or hospital. But this just raises premiums for everyone else while rewarding price gouging. We need to break this cycle. Americans deserve control and choice over their coverage, and no one should receive a surprise medical bill for care they did not choose – or they didn’t even know they received in the first place. And with the costs of health care services continuing to rise, we need solutions that help to lower the costs of coverage and care.



AHIP’s Jeanette Thornton Testifies Before Congress on the Implementation of the No Surprises Act

Hearing on Reduced Care for Patients: Fallout from Flawed Implementation of Surprise Medical Billing Protections

Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills

Congress passed the No Surprises Act, to protect millions of Americans who face surprise bills after they return home from the doctor or hospital.

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