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Coverage Through Work Offers Crucial Prescription Drug Access and Financial Support


Americans should not have to choose between innovation and affordability. With the right solutions, and genuine collaboration we can have both. 

Published Nov 28, 2023 • by AHIP

Over 180 million Americans rely on comprehensive health coverage provided through employer-provided coverage. This coverage empowers employees to improve their health and achieve financial security and peace of mind. One of the most important ways that this works is by offering patients affordable access to medications that employees and their families need to stay healthy, recover from illness, and address any other health needs.

Americans should not have to choose between innovation and affordability. With the right solutions, and genuine collaboration we can have both.

Consider the story of Gina L. from New York. While navigating the challenges of long-term illness, Gina recently spoke to the importance of prescription drug support and access to preventive care through her employer-provided coverage, “for prescription coverage, it’s extremely important. There is medication that I have to take daily. And without insurance, I don’t know what I would do.”

As Catherine W. from Pennsylvania dealt with a health diagnosis over the years, she said that her employer-provided coverage was instrumental in not only providing financial support along the way, but also enabling access to critical elements of the care she needed – from regular lab work to prescription drugs. “I still go through a lot of different health issues, with testing and different medicines,” adding that “it’s very important to me that that’s covered, because it is very costly.”

Prescription drug coverage is a critical component of many recovery regimens, especially surrounding a surgery or major medical event. Cirilo I. from New York describes the “100%” coverage he received when he underwent an expensive knee replacement surgery. This included prescription drug coverage, outpatient rehabilitation care, and multiple nights of recovery in the hospital.

These costs savings for Americans and their families are making a big difference, especially when so much of health care spending revolves around paying for medications. Participation in an employer-provided health plan gives Americans affordable access to many doctors and providers, comprehensive coverage, and quality benefits – such as preventive care, prescription drugs, and emergency care.

Everyone should be able to get the medications they need at a cost they can afford. Drug prices are out of control, and hardworking families feel the consequences every day, with access and affordability on the top of minds for families across the country, particularly when it comes to prescription medications. Employer-provided coverage will continue to remain the avenue for access to affordable care for workers and their families.

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