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Coverage@Work (C@W) is a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value employer-provided coverage delivers to nearly 180 million Americans. C@W supports and advocates for market-based solutions that advance health, choice, affordability, and value for every American.

Employer-provided coverage delivers affordable access to care, effective ways to improve health, and financial security for nearly 180 million hardworking Americans and their families. From small, family-owned, and mid-size businesses to national and international corporations to public-sector organizations and unions – companies across the country see the value in offering comprehensive health benefits to their employees. Thanks to diverse and active competition from health insurance providers in every state, consumers, and employers have access to high-quality and affordable care choices that deliver financial protection and peace of mind – now and for the future.

Facts and Figures

A new study from AHIP demonstrates that the vast majority of Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) took advantage of the flexibilities that Congress permitted in 2020 and 2021, covering many physical and mental health care services on a pre-deductible basis.

Routine care (95%) and mental health care (95%) were the most common types of telehealth services covered by CDHPs pre-deductible.

The vast majority of CDHPs – over 80% – leveraged new flexibilities to cover telehealth services without a patient having to touch their deductible.

Behavioral health care services were the form of care most frequently accessed via telehealth pre-deductible, when looking at categories of care.

CDHPs covering telehealth services pre-deductible included all services that could be safely delivered through telehealth – no exceptions.

Hear from Employees & Employers

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Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne and his family live in Metuchen, New Jersey, where he works in Information Technology management and receives employer-provided coverage.

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Anne T.’s employer-provided coverage has given her financial stability and peace of mind, even helping her access long-needed hearing aides: “I knew I needed them, but I did not realize just how much I was missing without them.”

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office team

Ty Harrell

Ty Harrell lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a sales leader at a global technology company. He receives employer-provided coverage and the high-quality health benefits his coverage delivers.

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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis, CEO and Private Wealth Advisor of SkyOak Capital Inc., has been in the wealth advisory business since the 1990s. She has always advocated for employee access to health insurance benefits.

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