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NEW: The Importance of Medicaid Redeterminations and Health Insurance Providers’ Commitment to a Smooth Transition

Press Release

Published Feb 1, 2023 • by AHIP

Washington, D.C. – February 1, 2023 – Every American deserves access to affordable, high quality health coverage that protects their health and financial stability. Health insurance providers are taking decisive action now to help ensure that every American enrolls in coverage that is right for themselves and their families.

As early as this month, states may begin the redeterminations process for all Medicaid enrollees to verify those who are still eligible for the program. A recent analysis concluded that, as a result, 18 million people could lose access to Medicaid coverage.

A new AHIP resource examines the Medicaid redetermination process and the importance of keeping Americans covered – whether they are still eligible for Medicaid, or need support in making a smooth transition to a different source of coverage.

“Every American deserves health insurance, which is essential for protecting their health and financial stability,” said Matt Eyles, President and CEO of AHIP. “Health insurance providers are committed to working with state leaders, federal officials, and other stakeholders and organizations across our health care system. We want to maximize the number of people covered and minimize any coverage gaps by ensuring that individuals and families have clear information and, when appropriate, a smooth transition to an alternative form of coverage.”

The stakes are high for local communities:

  • Americans still eligible for Medicaid coverage may be deemed ineligible because eligibility redetermination attempts were unsuccessful, resulting in them losing coverage for which they are eligible due to administrative or paperwork issues.
  • Americans determined to be ineligible for Medicaid may become uninsured because they are unable to find another source of coverage – putting a greater burden on local hospitals, health systems, employers, and taxpayers.
  • Providers treating Americans who have Medicaid coverage may not have a reimbursement source.
  • Affordability of other types of coverage may be impacted due to cost-shifting.

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