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Medicaid Redetermination Toolkit


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Now that the COVID-19 emergency is over, the government is restarting the yearly process of making sure people on Medicaid or CHIP are still qualified for these programs. The process is called Medicaid Redetermination. It helps make sure Medicaid stays strong and can serve those who need it most.

Since COVID began in 2020, things may have changed for you, including where you live, or work, and how much you earn. As a result, some people may lose their Medicaid or CHIP coverage, but you still have other options. You may be able to get health insurance from your employer. Or you may be able to buy a plan — with financial help if you qualify — from the state insurance marketplaces.

Take Action Now!

If you have coverage through Medicaid, or if your children are covered by CHIP, you must take action NOW to keep your coverage, or to move to another type of health insurance.


your info with your state Medicaid program.


your mail, email, or texts for news on how to renew your plan.


quickly to stay covered.

Medicaid Redetermination graphic

If you are eligible for health insurance through your job, you have 60 days to enroll after the date you lose Medicaid coverage.

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