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Embracing Health Care: Accelerating Enrollment Data and Value-Based Payments

May 8, 2024
3:00 pm EDT
Presented by Oracle
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About This Webinar

Join Oracle and panelists as they delve into the health care payer enrollment data exchange and payment system evolution. This webinar will explore strategies for transforming data processing, enrollment procedures, and error reduction, with a focus on data exchange.

We'll spotlight the benefits of cloud-based solutions like Oracle Health Insurance, enhancing operational efficiency amidst healthcare innovation. Data exchange ensures precise member enrollment management, fostering seamless communication between payers and providers. Integrating value-based payments incentivizes quality care, promotes collaboration and accountability, enhances patient satisfaction, and improves outcomes. Embracing data exchange and value-based payments signifies a strategic investment for payers, enhancing efficiency and cultivating sustainable healthcare delivery models in an evolving landscape.

Join Oracle in reshaping the landscape of health care enrollments and payments together.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • Customizing data transformations to comply with industry standards and optimize cost-effectiveness
  • Simplifying Medicare and commercial enrollment processes while embracing digital transformation for enhanced data exchange capabilities
  • Streamlining data processing and enrollment procedures to elevate member experiences for payers
  • Innovative strategies for navigating away from traditional fee-for-service models towards patient-centric payment systems
  • Effective methodologies for incentivizing providers for superior patient care, minimizing errors, and expediting processing times in healthcare reimbursements
  • How this integrated approach cultivates streamlined enrollments, proactive preventive healthcare models, cost reduction, and overall well-being enhancements in healthcare delivery.


Srini Venkat

Group Vice President

Oracle Insurance Product Development

Srini Venkat is a seasoned insurance and health care industry executive, currently serving as the Group Vice President for Oracle Insurance Product Development within Oracle's Financial Services Global Business Unit (FSGBU). With a focus on delivering next-generation Cloud applications, Srini manages a dedicated team aimed at transforming the life and health insurance industry. As the head of…

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