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Today, nearly everyone uses digital technologies for many aspects of their lives, and they expect that same convenience in health care. Recognizing the value of virtual care, health insurance providers are committed to ensuring that telehealth is used to improve affordable access to care for all patients, regardless of where they live and work. Health insurance providers offer access to virtual health services and compete to bring cutting-edge, innovative new tools to their members every day.

With telehealth, patients can receive more services “where they are.” They can access a wider variety of providers and specialists than those who are physically practicing in their area. This helps patients who wish to receive services from providers with particular expertise and/or from someone of a similar gender, race, or background to align with their unique circumstances, particularly when they may be difficult to find or see locally.

By delivering high-quality care through a convenient medium, providers view telehealth as an efficient and effective way to improve care outcomes, reduce unnecessary and costly visits to the emergency department, and make certain that patients get the right care at the right time and in the right setting.




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