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Health Insurance Providers Actions Concerning Medicaid Redeterminations


Published Aug 18, 2023 • by AHIP

Medicaid is an essential part of American health care, helping improve the health and financial security of more than 90 million Americans, including millions of children, Americans ages 65+, people with disabilities, and more than 2 million veterans.

As states begin to redetermine the eligibility of Medicaid enrollees following the COVID-19 crisis, health insurance providers are taking important steps to mitigate gaps in coverage and ensure Americans maintain continuous access to health care. Those actions include:


Aetna Better Health is engaging its Medicaid members through email, texts, interactive voice response, post cards, HealthTag messages (included on their prescription bag literature) and other channels. Aetna Better Health is also launching a national campaign which includes digital advertising.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield assisting ARHOME enrollees who will have to renew their health insurance coverage as Arkansas resumes the process of Medicaid eligibility redeterminations. Arkansas Blue Cross is ready to assist those needing coverage, both by phone and in-person at its eight ArkansasBlue Welcome Centers throughout Arkansas. Experts will help identify plans based on one’s needs and budget. They can also help determine qualification for financial assistance for coverage offered through the Marketplace, their employers, or other markets.


CalOptima is investing $6 million to raise awareness and hire community-based staff t help members through the Medicaid redetermination process.

  • CareFirst hosted a virtual panel event to discuss Medicaid eligibility redeterminations. The panel covered expansions in Medicaid enrollment during COVID-19; the eventual unwinding of the ban on redeterminations of Medicaid eligibility; how states, health insurance providers, and others can partner to minimize disruption for people no longer eligible for; and actionable steps for those who cycle off Medicaid.

CareSource has created a dedicated Medicaid redetermination page containing resources to help members navigate the process.

  • Centene is reaching out to Medicaid members and providers. Call centers are addressing member questions, and leaders are working at the local level to ensure necessary support is available.
Commonwealth Care Alliance

Commonwealth Care Alliance is is conducting wide-scale outreach to enrollees, deploying education campaigns with provider and community partners, training staff, and enlisting community health workers to get people the information they need to make informed choices.


DentaQuest, part of Sun Life U.S., is encouraging Medicaid and CHIP enrollees to receive oral health care services as the state resumes Medicaid redeterminations and disenrollments. DentaQuest also may have affordable coverage options for individuals no longer eligible for Medicaid after the redetermination process.

Elevance Health

Elevance Health has launched 2 initiatives to ease the Medicaid redetermination process, including creating a web platform that recommends what type of coverage people may qualify for. Elevance Health is also working with providers and community organizations to connect with people who could be impacted by the redetermination process. The program includes educational resources that providers can use as they discuss redetermination with their patients.

Fidelis Care

Fidelis Care has launched an extensive educational outreach and awareness campaign to more than 2 million members across all 62 counties in New York State. Fidelis Care's effort include social media, provider education, and community events to assist members in completing their renewal application. Personal help is also available at Fidelis Care’s 24 community offices across New York State, and by visiting the plan’s fleet of more than 75 “Streetside” RV locations.

Health Alliance

Health Alliance is offering assistance to people and families who are losing their Medicaid health coverage. Those who lose their coverage will have a 60-day Special Enrollment Period through the Health Insurance Marketplace and may be eligible for Marketplace supports.

Health Net

Health Net recently launched a new campaign that ams to make Medi-Cal enrollees aware of the end of the continuous enrollment requirement and provide them with resources to retain coverage. The campaign leverages print and digital media — such as mail, interactive voice response calls, text messages, social media, digital advertisements and posters.


Highmark Wholecare has developed a comprehensive member, provider, and community partner awareness and education campaign to assist with understanding and navigating Pennsylvania's Medicaid renewal process administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The awareness and education campaign for Highmark Wholecare members, providers, and community partners includes a how-to-renew video, educational web page, member and provider letters, flyers, digital advertising, event participation, and in-person engagement and phone outreach. Many of the materials will be bilingual, including the how-to-renew video, website landing page and flyer. Future member-centric initiatives include text reminders and email outreach.

  • Humana has created educational resources to guide members through the Medicaid redetermination process. The redetermination process differs from state to state, and Humana has state-specific pages to help members understand the process where they live.

Meridian has created a step-by-step guide to help members and their families renew their Medicaid coverage. The guide includes an interactive tool to help members navigate the renewal process.

  • Molina has developed an online Redetermination Provider Toolkit which contains a list of frequently asked question and other valuable resources to help providers work with patients to navigate the redetermination process. Molina also is leading an awareness campaign that includes text messages, emails, outreach calls, and social media engagement to remind members to take action.
Molina Healthcare of Illinois

Molina Healthcare of Illinois has created a quick reference guide to help members understand the Medicaid redetermination process. The guide contains FAQs covering everything from when the redetermination process will begin to what individuals can do to prepare.

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island has developed resources to prepare members for renewing their Medicaid coverage. The resources include educational material on what Medicaid renewal means, and allows members to update their information.

Paramount Health Care

Paramount Health Care has put together a number of educational resources designed to tell members what they need to know about the ongoing Medicaid redetermination process. Resources cover the steps members should take to remain Medicaid eligible, as well what to do if Medicaid coverage is lost.

San Francisco Health Plan

San Francisco Health Plan has created a set of frequently asked questions focused on the Medicaid redetermination process. The FAQs cover everything from what to do if Medicaid coverage is discontinued to the steps needed for renewing Medicaid coverage.

Sanford Health Plan

Sanford Health Plan has developed resources to help people renew their Medicaid coverage or find alternate health coverage. Individuals should make sure their address is up-to-date and check their mail for letter about their Medicaid coverage, for example. If Medicaid coverage is not an option, information is also available on other free and low-cost health insurance options.

St. Luke's Health Plan

St. Luke's Health Plan has created resources to help people who may be deemed ineligible for Medicaid maintain health coverage. The resources include instructions on how to complete a Medicaid eligibility re-evaluation, as well as details about how to find new health insurance coverage if necessary.

Sunflower Health Plan
  • Sunflower Health Plan is equipping its Medicaid members with information and resources to help them understand upcoming KanCare renewal deadlines. Sunflower aims to raise awareness about the redetermination process and resources available to help members maintain their coverage. As a first step, Sunflower Health Plan is reminding members to review and update their contact information on by clicking on the red chat bubble. It's also critical that members watch for any KanCare notifications alerting them of next steps to verify eligibility and next steps for enrollment.
Sunshine Health
  • Sunshine Health is providing its Medicaid members with information and resources to help them understand upcoming redetermination deadlines while encouraging them to act quickly and update their eligibility information to maintain their current health coverage. As a first step, Sunshine Health is reminding members to review and update their contact information on Members will receive a letter with a yellow stripe on the envelope from the Florida Department of Children and Families about 45 days before their redetermination date. Members can also expect emails and text messages, including a final reminder 10 days before their coverage ends if they don't recertify.
Superior HealthPlan

Superior HealthPlan is providing Medicaid members in Texas with information and resources to help them understand the redetermination process, encouraging them to act quickly and update eligibility information to maintain their current health coverage. As a first step, Superior is reminding current members to review and update their household information at They should also be receiving notification about the steps they need to take to verify eligibility and, if possible, re-enroll in the program.


UCare has proactively provided grants to 16 Minnesota care systems, community organizations, and community clinics serving Medicaid members. The grants fund comprehensive coverage retention programs, outreach to update member contact information, and help navigating the redetermination process.


UPMC for You has partnered with Fabric Heath to help individuals who might be impacted by the Medicaid redetermination process. Fabric Health staff will be available in laundromats in several Pittsburgh-area locations to help individuals understand their health care coverage options.

UPMC Health Plan

Using its 9 Connect Center retail locations, including the UPMC Health Plan Neighborhood Center in Pittsburgh, UPMC Health Plan has lanched a highly personalized, community-driven and data-supported initiative that "meets Medicaid members where they are" to help them update contact information, renew their applications for Medicaid coverage, and understand the availability of alternative health insurance options. Assistance is available not only to those covered by UPMC for You but also any impacted Medicaid recipient, regardless of their coverage plan. Additional avenues for help include County Assistance Offices and COMPASS, Pennsylvania's health and human services website.

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