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What They Are Saying: How Coverage@Work Protected Americans Last Year


Published Jan 3, 2023 • by AHIP

In 2022, more than half of all Americans – nearly 180 million hardworking individuals and their families – received health coverage through their jobs. Employer-provided coverage delivers affordable access to care, effective ways to improve health, and financial security. And thanks to diverse and active competition from health insurance providers in every state, consumers and employers have access to high-quality and affordable care choices that deliver financial protection and peace of mind.

A diverse collection of enrollees and experts alike shared their thoughts on how they personally see employer-provided coverage serve Americans. Here are their stories.

Supporting Workers and Employers

“The benefit that most workers care about remains to be employer-provided coverage. Working from home, travel stipends, and snacks at the office are all great perks that no staff would complain about, but good quality coverage is still tantamount to people’s bottom lines. Receiving health care through an employer can change the way workers budget.”

“I have worked to create a workplace environment where employees feel appreciated, respected, and receive a good compensation and benefits package. I believe employer-provided health coverage is key to this and an investment in the well-being of my employees and business.”

“I think this is one of the most notable results that we achieved in this survey. In the top chart we asked how much of an impact did the health insurance your job provides have a decision to accept your current position? Eighty-seven percent of consumers report that this was impactful in their decision to accept their current job. That is a 12-point increase from our last survey last year.”

Delivering on Affordability

“Through my own experience as a business owner, I have seen how pivotal employer-provided coverage is in making mental health services affordable and accessible to working Hoosiers and their families.”

“We were able to (…) be present for our children because my husband's workplace provided quality health insurance. Not just insurance for himself, but coverage that extended to all his loved ones.”

“Coverage and employer plans are more affordable for all employees because it blends the coverage risk between older, younger, healthier, and less healthy employees. It’s also important to keeping our employees healthy. Workforce health is a critical resource… employer-sponsored coverage has been vital because it provides stability and financial security in uncertain times.”

Providing Access to Quality Care

“Telehealth has been a great tool for dietitians like me because it has increased access to care. I can see patients while they are away at college, I can see patients who have limited access to transportation, and I can easily include parents of my younger patients… Many of my patients receive their coverage through an employer and I have seen the difference this access to care has made for my patients.”

“Telehealth is making physical and behavioral health care much more accessible for the community and certainly for our workforce. We know that individuals who wouldn’t otherwise connect with health care are connecting through telehealth at any point in time. Those who receive regular touches with health care providers are more well and have lower health care costs over time.”

  • Jessica Fenchel, Coverage@Work briefing – Vice President of Behavioral Health, Access Services of Pennsylvania

From comprehensive health insurance coverage and income protection to supplemental coverage like dental and vision benefits, it’s clear that Americans have real choices and real control in the care and protection they receive through coverage at work. Learn more about Coverage@Work here.


Coverage@Work (C@W) is a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value employer-provided coverage delivers to over 180 million Americans. C@W supports and advocates for market-based solutions that advance health, choice, affordability, and value for every American.